Christian Edelmann

Co-founder of DahMakan

Christian Edelmann

Christian Edelmann is the co-founder of DahMakan, a food delivery startup from Malaysia that graduated Y Combinator last year, as it begins to explore the potential to expand its business across Southeast Asia.

The startup distinguishes itself from the likes of FoodPanda and Deliveroo with an “end-to-end” approach to food, that’s to say that it cooks all dishes itself and dispatches them to customers, too. (That’s also called “full-stack” but perhaps “food-stack” is more appropriate.)

Others have taken notice of DahMakan’s success. In 2017, the company became the first Malaysian start-up to be accepted into Y Combinator, and has raised $4 million from investors across Silicon Valley, Europe, and Southeast Asia. These funds have helped fund development of their DahMakan Intelligent Operator System (DIOS), a self-learning system based on 24 different artificial intelligence components.